Soccer Tennis is a fast growing way for players to practice their aerial ball skills while playing a very fun game. Most often played in pairs, soccer tennis combines some of the rules and tactics of tennis and volleyball, can be played on grass, however a hard court such as a tennis court tends to be best overall, and allows players to develop much more quickly in passing and receiving air balls. Being able to receive a ball with their chest, thigh, feet or head and setting themselves or a teammate up for a great "finish" to the opponents side can be both very fun and extremely entertaining.

Even the younger players or less experienced players will have a great time with soccer tennis and game rules are often adjusted to allow more bounces on each side to accomodate less experienced players.

F.C. Joga Bonito is adding this exciting game in a tournament format for 2020 based on their deep commitment to player development and FUN in the process. Soccer Tennis definitely delivers on both of these objectives!

Joga Bonito Soccer Tennis Tournaament
Location TBD

Date/Times TBD in 2020
Games Scheduled throughout the day
Finals on Sunday


GIRLS           BOYS           WOMEN               MEN

      U10/11           U10/11              U30                      U30
      U12/13           U12/13              O30                      O30
      U14/15           U14/15
      U16/17           U16/17
      U18/19           U18/19